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Established in 1993, E-Chain Machinery Co., Ltd., is a leading Taiwanese manufacturer of a wide range of wood-working machinery. We have grown since our inception to establish manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, China and Vietnam.


In summary, we offer our clients the following:

- an extensive range of wood-working machinery 
(all machines displayed on this website are fully manufactured by E-Chain Machinery Taiwan; for more machinery fully manufactured by E-Chain Machinery China, follow this link 

 - complete wood-working solutions in the form of turnkey projects 
(all inclusive of the import & export of local as well as international brands of machinery, operational design and layout, installation, transfer of technical know-how as well as service support.)

 - purchasing agents of local machinery for distributors around the world 

E-Chain Machinery has accumulated extensive experience in the provision of complete wood-working solutions in the form of turnkey projects, having led more than 280 (and counting) such projects across a wide spectrum of genres and sizes.

E-Chain Machinery operates a world-wide sales network through mutually supportive relationships with distributors in more than 30 countries. Through years of collaboration with our reputable distributors, our machines have rapidly found their way to end-users all around the world.

E-Chain Machinery insists on paying dedicated attention to after-sales service, turning valuable customer feedback into on-going incremental innovations, complimented with a production system valuing stringent precision both on the quality of each individual component and in the assembly of our machines, operated by our experienced team of engineers, have made the E-Chain logo synonymous with quality wood-working machinery.

Quality Assurance


E-Chain Machinery operates a stringent assembly process; starting from a demanding procurement infrastructure that carefully assesses the quality of every individual component, through to the assembly of each machine which employs rigorous testing, conducted in stages, to ensure the highest level of accuracy and durability. Our experienced team of engineers, however skilled, is nontheless put through training at intervals throughout the year to ensure only the highest standard of craftmanship being applied to the manufacture of our machines. All these factors and more contribute to all machines bearing the E-Chain logo winning the satisfaction upon appraisal from our customers worldwide.

R&D Efforts

E-Chain Machinery operates a highly active R&D team providing a three prong contribution. First, in the form of consultation at the foremost interaction between our sales team and the customer where solutions are quickly drawn up after communication for the most suitable machinery to advise the customer. Second, is from valuable customer feedback which after evaluation is turned into incremental improvements to our existing machinery. Third, on-going market research after deliberation is translated into R&D projects to further increase our competitiveness in the market.

Spare Parts Supply

E-Chain Machinery keeps a ready stock of spare parts in-house so as to enable us to respond as quickly as possible to our customers, wherever they may be, upon demand.

Taiwan Branch :

Phone: +886-4-2562-0988

Fax: +886-4-2561-9826

Address: No. 276-2, Kuan Chi Road, Shen Kang District, Taichung 42948, Taiwan


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