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Automatic Edge Banding Machine

Suitable for inclined and partially inclined edges

自動貼邊機_ECE-600J/ Automatic Edge Banding Machine_ECE-600J
鋸片與粉碎刀裝置Sawblade and chipping saw

Scoring Saw Unit, Main Saw Unit and Moulding Unit

  • Scoring saw unit (tiltable from 30°to 45°).

  • Main saw unit with chipping saw (tiltable from 30°to 45°).

  • Moulding unit with planning cutterhead.

自動貼邊機_ECE-600J (2).jpg

Centralized Operation Panel

  • The operation panel provides a fast change between the inclined edge and partially inclined edge cutting by simply turning a selection switch on the operation panel. The inclined edge machining mechanism will move forward or backward according to the operator's selection, which requires no further adjustment. As a result, dramatic upgrading of machining efficiency can be obtained

自動貼邊機_ECE-600J (3).png

Gluing Device, Banding Strip Grooving Unit and Pressure Rollers

  • Gluing device: angled x1, calibratable 30°to 45°; vertical x1.

  • Pressure roller: vertical x3, angled x2.

自動貼邊機_ECE-600J (5).png

Front and Rear End Trimming Units, Top and Bottom Trimming Units and Scraping units

  • Top trimming: straight knife cutterhead x1.

  • Bottom trimming: 1.5R profiled cutterhead x1.

  • Top scraping: straight knife scraper x1.

  • Bottom scraping: 1.5R profiled scraper x2.


The well designed automatic edge banding machine from E-Chain is a multi-function machine.
Its outstanding design makes it excellent for production of cabinet door and drawer.

• Banding strips: ABS / PVC.
• Glue: EVA (hot-melt glue).
• Working thickness range: 10~25mm 
• Banding strips thickness: 0.4~2mm.


Specification :

Equipment List :

Taiwan Branch :

Phone: +886-4-2562-0988

Fax: +886-4-2561-9826

Address: No. 276-2, Kuan Chi Road, Shen Kang District, Taichung 42948, Taiwan


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