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Automatic Edge Banding Machine
ECE-650K (Acrylic Edgebanding)

Suitable for straight edge only

自動貼邊機_ECE-650K (壓克力貼邊)/ Automatic Edge Banding Machine_ECE-650K (acrylic edgebanding)
工作配置Working configuration

Pre. Fine Trimming Unit

  • equipped with diamond tipped sawblade

工作配置Working configuration

Gluing Device, Catalyst Coating System and Edge Pressure Rubber Belt

  • Gluing device: vertical x1.

  • Catalyst Coating System: equipped with banding catalyst applicator catalyst mist spray.

工作配置Working configuration

Front and Rear End Trimming Units, Top and Bottom Trimming Units, Top and Bottom Corner Rounding Trimming units, Front and Rear Corner Rounding Trimming units

  • Top and Bottom Trimming: straight knife cutterhead x2.

  • Top and Bottom Corner Rounding Trimming : 1.5R profiled cutterhead x2.

  • Front and Rear Corner Rounding Trimming :1.5R profiled cutterhead x2.


The ECE-650K automatic edge banding machine from E-Chain has been designed to enhance its exceptionally high speed and high productivity features. This machine employs quick dry glue for adhering and is specifically ideal for acrylic edge banding. With its fully automated and high speed edge banding operations, the ECE-650K has successfully established an unique performance.
The use of quick dry glue for no-gap banding features less glue consumption, no glue over-flow, extreme security, no gap and beautiful outlook. It’s the best choice in producing crystal and acrylic door panels.
• Banding strips: Acrylic.
• Glue: quick dry glue.
• Working thickness range: 10~45mm.
• Banding strips thickness: 0.4~3mm.


Specification :

Equipment List :

Taiwan Branch :

Phone: +886-4-2562-0988

Fax: +886-4-2561-9826

Address: No. 276-2, Kuan Chi Road, Shen Kang District, Taichung 42948, Taiwan


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