Automatic Edge Banding Machine

Suitable for straight and partially inclined edges

自動貼邊機_ECE-750J/ Automatic Edge Banding Machine_ECE-750J
工作配置Working configuration

NO.A :

From tilting surface cutting to pressure roller device

集中式面板控制器Centralized Operation Panel

The operation panel provides a fast change between the partially inclined edge and straight edge cutting by simply turning a selection switch on the operation panel. The partially inclined edge machining mechanism will move forward or backward according to the operator's selection, which requires no further adjustment. As a result, dramatic upgrading of machining efficiency can be obtained

工作配置Working configuration

NO.B :

From front and rear end trimming to corner rounding trimming device

工作配置Working configuration

NO.C :

From scraping to buffing device


The well designed automatic edge banding machine from E-Chain is a multi-function machine. It combines straight, partially inclined edge banding functions in one. Its outstanding design makes it excellent for production of cabinet door and drawer.

•Banding strips: ABS / PVC / Solidwood...etc.


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