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Automatic Edge Banding Machine

Suitable for straight and partially inclined edges

自動貼邊機_ECE-750J/ Automatic Edge Banding Machine_ECE-750J
工作配置Working configuration

Main Saw Unit, 1st and 2nd Moulding Units, Gluing Device, Banding Strip Grooving and Pressure Rollers

  • Main saw unit with chipping saw (tiltable from 30°to 45°).

  • Moulding unit with planning cutterhead.

  • Gluing device: angled x1, fixed at 45°; vertical x1.

  • Pressure roller: vertical x3, angled x2.

集中式面板控制器Centralized Operation Panel

Centralized Operation Panel

  • The operation panel provides a fast change between the partially inclined edge and straight edge cutting by simply turning a selection switch on the operation panel. The partially inclined edge machining mechanism will move forward or backward according to the operator's selection, which requires no further adjustment. As a result, dramatic upgrading of machining efficiency can be obtained

工作配置Working configuration

Front and Rear End Trimming Units, Top and Bottom Trimming Units, Top and Bottom Corner Rounding Trimming units, Front and Rear Corner Rounding Trimming units

  • Top and Bottom Trimming: straight knife cutterhead x2.

  • Top and Bottom Corner Rounding Trimming: 1.5R profiled cutterhead x2

  • Front and Rear Corner Rounding Trimming: 1.5R profiled cutterhead x2.

工作配置Working configuration

Scraping units and Buffing units

  • Top scraping: straight knife scraper x1; 1.5R profiled scraper x1.

  • Bottom scraping: 1.5R profiled scraper x1.


The well designed automatic edge banding machine from E-Chain is a multi-function machine.
Its outstanding design makes it excellent for production of cabinet door and drawer.

• Banding strips: ABS / PVC / Solidwood...etc.
• Glue: EVA (hot-melt glue).
• Working thickness range: 10~25mm.
• Banding strips thickness: 0.4~2mm.


Specification :

Equipment List :

Taiwan Branch :

Phone: +886-4-2562-0988

Fax: +886-4-2561-9826

Address: No. 276-2, Kuan Chi Road, Shen Kang District, Taichung 42948, Taiwan


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