Double End Tenoner with Assembled Base

The AB series of Double End Tenoner features the assembled-type base design that utilizes wide base stands that allow the ideal solution for expanding functionality with each pass through the machine with an increased capacity of housing up to 7 + 7 working units. With a wide range of working units to choose from, namely, saw units, profile moulding units, tenoning units, profile sanding units, top and bottom chamfering units, drilling units, etc, every DET is fully customizable to suit highly specific machining requirements. Hsk 63F spindles and NC positioning via servo with programmable recipe inputs can be added for quick tooling changeover to facilitate efficient small batch manufacturing.

雙端作榫機-分離式底座Double End Tenoner with Assembled Base
09_雙端作榫機-分離式底座 (2).jpg

Working configuration

Use the assembled base to fit a lot of working units on the machine.

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